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Unleash the Potential of Your FrontlineTeam

Are you a dedicated manager skillfully juggling multiple responsibilities? Do you ever find yourself weighed down by urgent matters, making it challenging to nurture and empower your frontline team

Discover how HIGHER can be the solution you’ve been searching for to unleash your frontline team’s full potential.

The Sole Purpose of Higher Is To...

Transform every member of your frontline team into self-aware, results-driven performers who excel in adaptability, communication, and collaboration.

Lean In to Your Current Leadership Challenges

You might be pondering whether HIGHER is the right fit for your team. Instead, I encourage you to explore a different question: ‘How can HIGHER work for me and my team to break free from the following stagnant patterns that might currently challenge my leadership journey?


Are you presently... (click on each pattern to see how HIGHER works for you and your team)

Are you prepared to unlock the potential of HIGHER for both you and your team? With HIGHER, not only can you enhance your team’s leadership character, but you can also elevate your role from being a ‘working manager’ to a ‘leading manager,’ reclaiming your time for what truly matters.”

Delivering Growth & Fun Weekly

HIGHER inspires a growth-mindset in each of your team members by engaging them in a learning experience that is fun. 

Here is everything included in HIGHER...

Discovering Purpose
Developing Self-Awareness
Trusted Communication
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Emotional Intelligence
Daily Prioritization
Self-Auditing Performance
Adapting to Change
Resiliency & Well-being
and so much more...

Give your team the gift that lasts a lifetime: Continuous Growth.

HIGHER's Creator and Lead Facilitator

Chinwe Grace Jones

With over two decades of facilitating leadership workshops for thousands of managers, Chinwe Grace Jones (“Chin”) developed HIGHER to address the top wishes of how managers want to develop their teams. As CEO and Founder of Trusted Teams, she brings a wealth of experience in leadership and team development, creating impactful and engaging programs.

Her superpower is seeing the brilliance in others, and her down-to-earth nature helps her connect with frontline team members, empowering them to realize their potential. She listens to understand, asks probing questions, and creates safe environments for honest feedback and transformative change.

Passionate and energetic, Chinwe empowers individuals to take ownership and improve team dynamics through better communication, collaboration, and connection.

She is also the author of the coaching CD, “The Four Elements of Life: A 28 Day Coaching Program to Discovering the Gift Within You,” and was a co-host of the Leaders Fireside Chat podcast.

Let your team experience the magic of "Chin."

Become Compelling to Existing and Future Frontline Employees

Numbers Don't Lie

HIGHER will instantly make you competitive when hiring and retaining talent, thus saving you money. Replacing a team member costs up to 16-20% of their annual salary, including the cost of recruitment, and loss of productivity during onboarding. 
Numbers Don't Lie

In Search for Answers...

Click each question below to read answers from our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs).

You do not. No software download required. And one less thing for your Tech 
department to worry about. HIGHER’s gamification platform is fully cloud-based. 
Once your membership is activated, each member will receive their own personal
magic link to make accessing HIGHER’s learning platform super easy.

Yes, you can.  Depending on your situation it may also be complimentary.
The Signature Experience membership includes 3 team member turnovers,
so if the newly hired team member is replacing an existing team member already
enrolled, then there will be no charge. 


No, we do not offer discounts based on the number of member seats unused.
HIGHER – The Signature Experience offers 15 member seats and up to 3 teams, to
encourage and promote interdepartmental connection and alignment. If you do not have
any internal teams you want to share the membership with, you may consider sharing it
with vendor teams or even client teams.  Remember, “sharing is caring.” 

Of course. All weekly video lessons after it is released will be accessible to all your
team members throughout the duration of your HIGHER membership. So regardless
of your team member’s availability during a lesson release week, they will never
miss a HIGHER lesson. 

Not a forum.  We will have a dedicated email address dedicated to HIGHER learning 
questions for your team members to privately ask their questions. The HIGHER team
is committed to ensuring no question for learning clarification goes unanswered,
whether it is addressed directly, or during our monthly deep dive sessions. We expect
at times, we will receive questions that are out of the scope of the membership, and we
will respond accordingly.  

Our Promise and Our Understanding

We promise to provide you and your team a high-quality virtual learning experience full of inspiration, insight, and information. Our primary goal is to ensure that every member of your team who actively participates receives essential tools to serve your organization in a meaningful and powerful way.

We understand the shifting nature of business.  We know it is possible for scenarios to arise within your organization that may directly conflict with your team’s active participation in HIGHER. This is why any active HIGHER membership can be cancelled at any time. Your refund amount will be based on incurred expenses and use. It will be in the form of Trusted Teams credit that may be applied to future services and products.

Good Together

Let’s do good together. We are committing to donate a portion of the proceeds for every HIGHER subscription secured to the Supply a Teacher Program, a Kids In Need Foundation initiative. During this inaugural enrollment period, our goal is to support 25 teachers in securing essential supplies for their students, so they can elevate their learning experience without having to use their own money.

Hard to See How HIGHER Will Benefit You and Your Team

Share the top 3 things your frontline employees do or don’t do that causes more work for you. And it will be our pleasure to show you how HIGHER can lighten your load.

Make Someone Smile Today

Imagine the beaming smile on your teammate’s face when viewing your appreciation post online.  Be 1 of 5000 thankful teammates and join our giveaway today. If luck is on your side, lunch will be on us.


Includes: Frontline Team Assessment | Reflective Team Development Questions | Fee Schedule Comparison Checklist | List of HIGHER's 52 Lessons | Real-World Use Cases | And More...

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